You Fell For A Scam? What Can You Do Now?

Just to be straight here, if you’re thinking in getting your money back then you cannot do anything. Scammers are highly mobile, they didn’t give you their real identity, they probably provided with phony contact details and they are out of your country’s jurisdiction.

Now, you should be worry with your identity. They will use the information you provided them to use it for fraudulent purchases. Check this story and see an Identity Theft That Lasted Decades.

I believe you already notified the police and if so you did a good thing. You should also notify your bank. The scam can also be reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) of the FBI.

We also recommend keeping all evidence that may be important, letters, e-mails, diary of calls and list of any transactions.

Now you should keep an eye on your personal details. This information can be used to steal your identity and money, harass or stalk your children, or even run a convincing phone scam on your parents. Protecting your own personal information is vital.

Es Lo Que Hay – “It is what is”

This is one of the sentences that motivated us to create Lokeai. We believe that this sentence should be applied for most of the situations. The main point is that we are not able to predict the future but in order to move on with our lives, we should accept as it is and most important learn from it.

According to The Telegraph, “One in every ten people have fallen victim to financial fraud, losing an average £1,000 a year to cold calling and internet scams.”

Now looking back, you know deeply that you could have avoid the scam.. Don’t you?? What could have you done differently? Asking for a second opinion, researching the offer or person, the information you received???

But past is past and you should move on. Share the experience with your friends and family, and don’t be afraid that they might judge you or blame you. Everyone can fall for a scam, even us.

Scams are getting really sophisticated and some of them are really hard to spot .

The secret for not falling for a scam is to ask for a second opinion and that’s why Lokeai was created. To give you a second and professional, specialized opinion about the email/ offer was presented to you.

Always ask for a second opinion. – Ask Lokeai

If you fell for a scam and or you are having second thoughts about an offer and you want to know what steps you should take immediately, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help.


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